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School and work are extremely boring. However, most big games are blocked by the school firewall. Also, the teacher will definitely catch you. Onionfist Studio focuses on eliminating "classroom boredom" and innovating "classroom gaming". Packaged as Chrome Extensions, our games can be opened and closed instantly at the click of an icon. When the teacher comes around the corner, you can hit the escape button to conceal the game instantly. Moreover, our games do not show up in your search history. This is why most schools can block websites but fail to block chrome extensions.

Who created Onionfist Studio?

The creator of Ice dodo and Onionfist Studio is Jason (Seojoon) Yeon. He created the game when he was 13 years old. He named the game “Ice Dodo” because Dododo73 was his Minecraft username and the game was about an ice cube traveling through space.

Who creates music for Onionfist Studio?

The main ice dodo music is created by an artist called EnV. He was Jason's favorite EDM artist when the game was made. Even though Jason was very shy at that time, he emailed EnV to ask for approval for using the song. EnV kindly said yes. Lately, some members of the community submitted their own songs and remixes to the game. Menu music in Ice Dodo is one example of community-submitted music.

How are levels created for Onionfist games?

Most of the levels in our games are created by the community. In Ice Dodo, we use a 3D modelling software called Blender. In Tunnel Glider, we simply use Google Sheets. These maps are shared and reviewed in our Discord server before going in the game.

What is the purpose of Onionfist Studio?

The aim of Onionfist Studio is to make gaming more accessible in the classroom and work environments.


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